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Most companies will pay you $.05(R0.35) - $.10(R0.78) to read the mail. While this may not sound like much, it will add up quickly if you read your mail on a daily basis, and especially if you have REFERRALS doing the same thing (and they will).
We only advertise companies that PAY and must be FREE to Join
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We recommend that you use another e-mail address for you paid e-mails so that you do not delete them by accident!
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South Africa's Free email Service's
Ananzi  ( Pop3 & Web based email)
Joining Ananzi Mail Plus, you get:
75MB mailbox (no Ananzi Gazette)
100MB mailbox (with Ananzi Gazette) etc..etc..etc
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for R8.29 per month

 Webmail is another web based email system
(You know what happened with Yahoo/Hotmail when they went public)

International (Pop email Free provider) (Web based email -very reliable) 

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